Where’s the Proof?

After your book has been designed and laid out you have to wait a little bit longer before you see it again. Don’t worry it’s just being proofread. Proofreading takes about 2 weeks. A different editor to the one who edited the book proofreads the laid-out book on a hard copy called a “proof”. What does a proofreader do? They have fresh eyes. The proofreader isn’t just looking out for

Pen on top of edited pages

What Does an Editor Really Do?

Why is editing important? Editing is a necessity for any manuscript and no book should ever be published without having been seen by an editor. According to Butcher (2011), ‘the main aims of editing are to remove any obstacles between the reader and what the author wants to convey’, and this allows for a good and seamless reading experience. Nothing can ruin a book quite as quickly as bad or