Getting a proof

Now that your book has been proofread and the corrections made, it is almost time to print your book. But wait, there is one more thing you need to do: you need to get a proof. A proof is a printed version of what your book will look like. This is the first chance you will have to hold the physical product in your hand. Once you receive your proof, you will need check a few things against the PDF you sent to the printer to make sure that everything is correct.

The final checklist

The items on this checklist should be checked against the final PDF of your book.

Cover checks
  • The artwork and colours are correct and look good.
  • The barcode and ISBN – make sure that they are the same as on the copyright page.
Front cover



Author name

Spine (this one often gets skipped)

Back cover


Author bio

Photo credit

ISBN (check whole number, not just final digits)



Interior checks:

The pages are correct and in the right order.

The artwork and colours are correct and look good.

Title and subtitle

Half title and title page match cover

Logos on the title page

Imprint information

ISBN (check the whole number, not just final digits)

Cover designer name

Correct date

Correct copyright

Correct imprint

Preliminary content



Contents page – page numbers

Compare contents page and chapter heading/authors

Main content


Paragraph breaks


Running Heads

Chapter Headings

Spacing and layout of chapter headings


List of acronyms



Photo credits

Tables and figures

Alignment top and bottom of page


Font size

Widows and orphans




Author Biography




Once you have worked through your checklist, you are ready to give the go-ahead for printing. Please note that at this stage you should not be making major content changes to your book. This should have been done at the proofing stage because major changes at this stage can be very costly. 

At Staging Post, we do all of this for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. The experts in our production team know what to look out for so the proof is checked thoroughly ensuring a perfect print run.

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