Staging Post

Staging Post was created in April 2015 by the publishing house Jacana Media. Jacana is the second-largest English-language publisher in South Africa. It publishes up to 80 titles a year and has been in the business since 1992. Jacana’s iconic slogan describes that “they publish what they like”. But at Staging Post, “we publish what YOU like”, allowing you to tell your story, your way. You remain in control, don’t give away your rights, and don’t rely on royalties.

Via Staging Post, you are able to tap into both the excellent services provided by our in-house production team and Jacana’s networks with the best professionals in book publishing. You can also access our preferential industry rates and Jacana’s expertise.

Under this ‘assisted self-publishing’ model, we support you through the publishing process with all the invaluable advice and professional guidance you need to produce the best possible version of your book.

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