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What is a book publicist?

You are on your way to publishing your book. You have your production team in place and everyone is working hard on turning your manuscript into a well-polished publication. However, this is only the start of your journey as an author.

Now you have to start thinking about how you are going to market and sell your book. Properly marketing and promoting your book is essential to making sales. If readers do not know about your book, your sales will be low (or dare we say non-existent …).

At this stage, you might be wondering where you will get the time to do the marketing necessary to get the word out about your book. Fear not, you need not do it all on your own! There are people in the publishing industry called book publicists, who can help you market and promote your book.

These individuals have in-depth knowledge about how to get your book seen by the right people in order to spread the word and, ultimately, have a positive effect on book sales. Book publicists are able to do this because of their established contacts with different media outlets through relationships that have been built over a number of years.

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What can a book publicist do for you?

A book publicist’s goal is to let readers and media know about your book in order to get people talking about your book. It is important that you get a publicist involved as early as possible. You should not wait until your book is published to start marketing because the earlier you start promoting, the better your sales could be.

Here is a list of things that a publicist could help you with:

  • Create a publicity/marketing plan and schedule
  • Get the right media coverage for your book
  • Identify target markets 
  • Assemble a media kit – press releases, advanced information sheets
  • Organise book giveaways and competitions
  • Get reviews for your book
  • Get articles written about your book
  • Help arrange interviews
  • Help set up and promote book launches/events
  • Write marketing copy
  • Schedule and promote virtual book tours and events
  • Help formulate talking points for your book

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