Congratulations to Krystal Kolnik on publishing her first book, Lessons from the Frogs I’ve Kissed. In her book, Krystal looks back at her significant adult relationships, over the last 20 years, and shares the invaluable life lessons she learned from them.  She hopes that others will learn from her story and better understand their own relationships.

From the author

We asked Krystal about her publishing journey. This is what she had to say:

Q:  What was your favourite part of publishing your book?

A:  My favourite part of the publishing process was my trip to Johannesburg when I was afforded the opportunity to “pitch to publish” in front of Jacana’s impressive panel. It was so far out of my comfort zone, but it’s become a great milestone for me. On a personal level, if I could present my book in front of that particular panel of judges, everything else thereafter seemed like child’s play. This, in turn, has given me the best preparation for the radio interviews and public events which have now presented themselves, since my book has come into fruition. It was such an honour to have met such knowledgeable people and to be given the advice that they have shared with me, which ultimately lead me to the publishing route that I’ve embarked upon.
Q: What advice would you give an author planning to publish their first book?

A: That is a tricky question, as I am sure every author has their own unique path to follow. However, I will suggest that you be confident, send your manuscript out to as many publishers as you wish, brave the rejection, it is not personal, and keep going. If the traditional publishing route does not unfold for you, self-publishing is by no means a boo-boo prize. I am so grateful I am an author in this day and age where self-publishing is an option. I truly feel blessed that I have gone this route, even though this was certainly not the way I first envisioned it to be. I have loved the entire process, and feel grateful to have had full control every step of the way.
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