5 Myths About Self-Publishing & Why They Are Simply Not True

A guest post for Writers Write Self-publishing can be a bit of a swear word. Examples of lousy books spread around more than self-publishing successes do. But self-publishing is important. It has challenged the idea that there should be a select group of gatekeepers who decide what can be published. This has changed the publishing landscape and created breaks for writers, if only they are open to them. Here are

What is a manuscript assessment and why should you consider one?

You have spent many months (or maybe even years) writing your book and now you are ready to have it published. However, you are not sure whether your manuscript is completely ready for this next step. This is a doubt that many authors face, especially those who are publishing for the first time. At this point, you should send your manuscript for an assessment. What does a manuscript assessment entail?

Publishing models

In 2020, there are many publishing models available to authors.  We will be looking at a few of these publishing models, so you can decide which option is best for you. Traditional publishing This is the publishing model most authors think of when they want to publish their book. The process involves submitting your manuscript to a publishing house that specialises in your book’s genre. You need to research which

The wonderful world of typography

What is typography? You may have heard people talking about fonts, typefaces or typography on your journey to becoming a published author. Typography refers to the arrangement/design of text elements on a book page. This involves choosing typefaces (e.g. the font family), font weights (such as thin or heavy), font styles (such as bold or italic), font sizes for the body text, heading and sub-headings, line spacing, margin sizes, header

First impressions matter

  Just as you want to make a good first impression by how you look, your cover must do the same for your book. If your book cover fails to make a good first impression, a reader is unlikely to buy it. Your book cover has to appeal to your readers as this is your first chance to sell your book to them. A well-designed book cover shows the reader

It’s what’s on the inside that really matters

Now that you have a beautiful cover that is going to draw people in, you need to start thinking about your interior design (layout). This is where the reader will spend most of their time and a disorganised layout will prevent the reader from enjoying your book (or worst case, not read it at all). Your layout should balance creativity and readability, meaning that the design should be attractive whilst