5 Ways To Identify A Good Self-Publishing Service Provider & Why You Should Use One

Aguest post for Writers Write As an author, self-publishing gives you the independence to make your book your way. This doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone, though. You’re likely not a trained editor, proof-reader, book designer, or book production specialist. You shouldn’t attempt to both write and publish your book using your skills alone. As a layman, a self-published book may appear acceptable to you. If it is

How to Plan a Book Event: Launch Checklist

The things that authors dream of: being published; seeing their book piled up high in thewindow displays of every bookshop;achieving fame and glory through an extensive author tour (just like in the movies); wonderfulmedia coverage and glittering reviews; and a very well-attended book launch at which anenormous amount of copies are sold to a diverse crowd and everyone raves aboutthe writing.   The reality is different. It is difficult to

5 Myths About Self-Publishing & Why They Are Simply Not True

A guest post for Writers Write Self-publishing can be a bit of a swear word. Examples of lousy books spread around more than self-publishing successes do. But self-publishing is important. It has challenged the idea that there should be a select group of gatekeepers who decide what can be published. This has changed the publishing landscape and created breaks for writers, if only they are open to them. Here are