I’m looking for publishing services
on behalf of an organisation.

I’m an individual wanting assistance
with self-publishing my book.

About us

As a division of publishing house Jacana Media, our team is uniquely positioned to be able to extend to you our over 200 collective years of book-making expertise.

Jacana began as a custom publishing company in 1994 and has been making bespoke books ever since. We have established links to the best of professionals in the industry and continue to offer top quality publishing services to a diverse range of clients.

More about custom publishing
(Services for organisations)

More about Staging Post
(assisted self-publishing services for individuals)

CONCEPTUALISATION & CONTENT DEVELOPMENT (putting our thinking hats on)

(showing the content some love)

(getting it ready to take wing)

(getting it ready to take flight)

(making sure it can flourish)

We help you to decide how the content should be organised and what the book/publication will ultimately look like. 

Once that’s settled we can assist with content development, writing, photography and/or illustration.

To ensure that the content is of the best quality and ready to publish, it goes through a full production process that includes:
– Editing
– Design and layout (aka typesetting/DTP)
– Cover design
– Poofreading

Whether print on demand, small print runs (digital printing) or larger quantities (litho printing), we source the best possible print pricing from our range of preferred suppliers, who list among the best book printers locally and abroad.

We recommend the most suitable specifications and manage the entire process for you.

E-pub, mobi or just a plain pdf? We can convert your content to any of the e-book formats you might require.

Need help with sales and distribution or marketing and publicity? If we can’t assist we will refer you on to the best people in the industry.