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As a division of publishing house Jacana Media, our team is uniquely positioned to extend to you over 200 collective years of book-making expertise.

Jacana began as a custom publishing company in 1994 and has been making bespoke books ever since. We have established links to the best professionals in the industry and continue to offer top quality publishing services to a diverse range of clients.

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Staging Post took all the anxiety out of the publishing process by walking closely with me through every step of the journey. It was obvious that they cared about the quality and success of my book – this showed in all that they did whether it involved editing, layout or cover design.

Athol Williams

Pushing Boulders

Jacana’s custom publishing service meets our requirements without fail, each and every time. Working with the company and staff over the last year has been a wonderful experience and the reason we keep coming back.

Rhianah Fredericks

Ilifa Labantwana

Working with Staging Post was a very positive, consultative, professional, value-for-money experience. I appreciated the care of their engagement whether on typeface, quality and price of paper, layout, white-space and/or cover design. They also looked for the best possible printing prices available. I would want to work with them again and highly recommend them to others who are thinking of the self-publishing route.

Helena Dolny

Before Forever After

Working with Jacana’s custom publishing division has been an absolute pleasure. They are professional, effective and looked after my business interests to achieve the best results possible. We are working on two new books and would not go anywhere else.

Alice Piktija

Thermomix in South Africa

I’ve found Staging Post to be immensely helpful and accommodating in every way. They’ve tried their best to make this experience pleasant for the writer.

Christine Weir

Shut Your Trap and Sing!

We worked with Jacana Custom Publishing in 2017 on a series of toolkits strengthening early childhood development systems and found the team very competent in organising what was a lengthy and intimidating technical tome into an easy-to-understand, practical and useful toolkit. They guided us through the process (which was new to us) with patience and wisdom, and always maintained the end user as front of mind.

Svetlana Doneva

Ilifa Labantwana

The team at Staging Post stood by my side every step of the way. My thriller was published to critical acclaim and enjoyed excellent sales in all major South African book stores, to a large extent thanks to the tireless efforts of Staging Post.

Louis Wiid


Sabi Sabi and Jacana’s custom publishing division have a long-standing relationship – well over 10 years.  They have produced numerous books and field guides for us. The team listen to what we have in mind and have always guided us with their experience and knowledge, but kept our initial vision at heart. We pride ourselves in our own high levels of service and we expect the same from our partners such as Jacana. They are professional, efficient, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. The team at Jacana represent all that we appreciate in a field they specialise in.

Sabi Sabi

Sabi Sabi

Perhaps all books are journeys and can never be ‘made’, just written by one person, then grown like flowers by another! ‘Self-publishing’ is a deceiving word. In my experience it doesn’t exist.

Vernon Head

The Laughing Dove and Other Poems

It was a pleasure working with the custom publishing team, who handled a large project for us with great professionalism and care, and delivered a finished product on time that we were more than satisfied with.

Ben Williams

Exclusive Books

I would not have been able to publish without Staging Post. I had a very good idea of what I wanted to write and publish, but their experience translated it into the practical and easy to read handbook it is today.

Wendy Roux

Parenting Checklist

Jacana’s custom publishing team went further than we expected in producing our first children’s publication. It was a tough journey, and their commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism to our project never waned. From conceptualisation, to editing and production, their deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, and our readership, was vital in helping us to deliver the book we only ever had in our minds.

Robin Kirsten

Norval Foundation

I self-published my first book, Mutts, with the help of Staging Post and they made the whole process very easy from design to print.

Emma O’Brien


Self-publishing with Staging Post was a dream come true. It was an exciting journey and a wonderful learning curve.

Uhlamurile Mabunda

African Spring

They did not only see me as a client but rather invested time, resources and personnel into the needs of my business whenever they arose. I highly recommend Staging Post as your publisher of choice if you are considering writing books.

Ob Malope